How we allocate in-year school places

The process for allocating in-year places for school admissions is as follows:

Checking your application

We will check that your application has been completed correctly and meets the requirements. Incomplete or incorrectly completed forms will not be processed. We will contact you to discuss the action you need to take before we can continue to process your application.

Documentary evidence may be requested to support your application. Applications may not be processed until this has been received.

Checking if there are places available

We will contact the schools named as preferences on your application form to check if there is a place available.

If a place is available

If a place is available for your child at one of your preferred schools we will notify you in writing and ask you to return an acceptance slip to the school.

You will need to contact the school to confirm a start date for your child. Children are expected to be attending the school within 10 school days (not including school holidays) otherwise the place may be reallocated to another child.

If a place is not available

If the published admission number of your preferred school(s) has been reached in your child's year group we will be unable to offer a place at the school at that time.

Northamptonshire does not operate a 'catchment area' system. Some schools have a linked area defined within their admission criteria. If you move into a linked area and apply for a school place outside of the normal transfer times, we cannot guarantee a place at your linked area school if the admission number has already been reached in your child's year group.

If we are unable to offer a place at any of the schools named as preferences we will offer a place at the school which is nearest to your home address and which has a place available, provided that your child does not already attend a local school. Where your child already has a school place we will not offer an alternative school.

Foundation, Trust, Academy and Voluntary Aided schools are responsible for the admission arrangements at their schools. The admissions team will liaise with these schools and inform them of your application. If a place is available we will notify you in writing and ask you to return an acceptance slip to the school.

Once a school place has been offered the child should start attending the school within 10 school days.

How we allocate secondary school in-year places: pupil placement panels

To effectively manage the admission process of children into secondary schools (except in the Daventry and South Northants area), we operate pupil placement panel meetings across the county.

Why do we need pupil placement panel meetings?

Northamptonshire is experiencing a significant rise in the number of pupils both moving into the county and wishing to change schools within the county.

This has had an impact on schools being able to integrate these children effectively, without causing disruption to the education of children already at the school.

Panels are held on a regular basis and applications received will be presented at the next panel meeting.

Pupil placement panel meeting dates

AreaPupil placement panel meeting date
Northampton 20 April 2016
Corby26 April 2016
Kettering19 April 2016
Wellingborough20 April 2016

Following pupil placement panel meetings, parents will be notified of the outcome of their application within 5 school days.

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