Coming into care

It can be very scary coming into care. We are here to support you and keep you safe.

Why have I come into care?

There are lots of reasons why you might have come into care. For example:

  • your family need some extra help and need us to look after you
  • your health and safety may be at risk      
  • your family are unwell

In most of these cases a court will make a care order. When this happens, the county council becomes your ‘corporate parent’. This means we are responsible for your needs and safety.

Coming into care guide

This guide is for you to understand what care is about - it gives you important information you need about your life situation. It tells you what you need to know and will help you to organise things that your carers need to know too. It will help you understand more about your time in care.

Who needs to know I am in care?

  • your family
  • your school
  • somebody from health services
  • your social worker
  • the people who are looking after you
  • anybody you trust and choose to tell
  • any other key professionals in your life

Where will I live?

We will find the right place to live for you:

Foster care placement

Foster carers will look after you in their own home, like you are one of the family. This may be for a few days, a few months or long term. They may do things that are different from what you are used to, but they will provide you with a loving home environment where you can learn, grow and progress.

Children’s home

This is a place where several children can stay. Rather than one family, a different team of people will look after you. There is always someone to make sure you are safe and happy. A member of staff called your key worker will be able to help with problems and answer any questions you have.

Connected person or kinship

This is when you are not able to live with your parents and instead go to live with a relative or family friend.

Supported accommodation

Older young people in care might live in more independent accommodation. You will still receive support from us.

Can I see my parents or family?

We will encourage contact between you and your birth family and everyone close to you. However everyone’s situation is different and we look at what is best for you.

Who will be looking out for me?

Your carer

You should always speak to your carer first if you have a question or a problem.

Social worker

You will be allocated a social worker, who will be your main point of contact. They are there to look out for you, to support you and guide you. Your social worker will also be supported by a range of people to make sure you receive the best care possible.

When you have moved into a new home, your social worker will come and meet with you. They will then visit regularly to make sure everything is ok. They will give you a contact phone number so you can get in touch with them if you are having any problems your carer cannot handle.

Professionals in your life

Your teacher, doctor or health professional will be able to help you if you need help or someone to talk to.

Tell us what you think

 Please tell us if you are happy with the service you have received. If not, why not? We want to know what you think.

We want to use your views and suggestions so we can improve and develop our services.

Have your say

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