Northamptonshire Highways

Roadworks permit scheme

Any utility company and their contractors carrying out works within any of the roads on Northamptonshire's strategic and traffic-sensitive road network must apply for a permit.

As an authority, we can choose to:

  • grant a permit
  • apply conditions to a granted permit; or
  • decline permission to work within the highway

Using these powers, not available under existing schemes, we can improve the management of all the works on the road network within the county and reduce unnecessary disruption to all road users.

​Utility companies must contact us as soon as they start any emergency works.

  • Telephone 0300 126 1015

We will need to know:

  • Who they work for
  • Location of works
  • Works reference number
  • Any traffic management being used
Fee levels per permit or provisional advanced authorisation​
​​Permit for Road category 0-2: Strategic and traffic sensitive
​​Provisional Advanced Authorisation (PPA)​​£97
​​Major activity ​£209
​Standard activity​£119
​​Minor activity​​£63
​​Immediate activity​​£49
​​Permit variations initiated by

To read the full details of the permit scheme in Northamptonshire, see the document below:

​For licence applications for Section 50 and road closures please contact or telephone 0300 126 1000.

For all other permit enquires please contact

From 1st June 2016, in accordance with Part 3 of the Traffic Management Act and The Traffic Management Permit Scheme (England)(Amendment) Regulations 2015, Northamptonshire County Council has introduced a revised Road Works and Street Works Permit Scheme, in order to further help minimise the disruption caused by works on its road network.

Northamptonshire County Council has made as Order under Section 33A (2) of the Traffic Management Act 2004 to revise the Permit Scheme so that it applies to the whole of the Northamptonshire road network, except for the Motorways and Trunk Roads. Therefore anyone carrying out works in Northamptonshire (with the exception of Section 50 Licence holders) will need to apply for a permit before commencing.

Typically this will be utility companies (telephone, gas, electricity, water), the Council itself, anyone that is working on a development for which planning permission has been granted, and anyone working under licence and that affects the highway. Detailed information regarding what activities are covered by the Scheme can be found within the Northamptonshire Permit Scheme document.

Objectives and Benefits

Any Promoter as prescribed in the Regulations who wishes to perform or carry out an activity must first obtain a permit from Northamptonshire Highways. This permits the Promoter to carry out the specified activity, at the specified location, between the dates shown and agrees the conditions which may be attached.

In addition, the Authority has power to grant or refuse a permit, as well as applying conditions to the timings and/or work activity.

Through such capabilities, the Authority operating a permit scheme will be able to coordinate and control works on the road, with the aim to improve both the planning and preparation of works. The main purpose for the revision to the existing scheme is to minimise disruption from unnecessary or badly controlled road works.

Permit Fees

Northamptonshire, as the Permit Authority, will charge a fee as itemised in the appropriate document below.

Permit fees do not include costs charged or recoverable by highway authorities in relation to consents or other requirements such as for Temporary Traffic Orders or Notices or parking suspensions related to works being carried out.

It is not the purpose for fee charging under the Permit Scheme to generate revenue for the Permit Authority; although subject to the constraints set out a Permit Authority may cover its costs.

The scheme documentation can be found below.

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