Northamptonshire Highways

Definitive Map Modification Orders

​Any person believing details contained within the Definitive Map or Statement to be incorrect may apply for a Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) which, if made and confirmed, will amend the map and statement to ensure that it is a correct record of the public rights of way. 

When can you apply for a DMMO?

The grounds to apply for a DMMO are that:

  • a right of way exists but is not shown on the Definitive Map and Statement
  • a right of way shown on the Definitive Map and Statement with a particular status ought to be shown with a different status
  • a right of way shown on the Definitive Map and Statement does not exist and ought to be removed
  • any other particulars contained on the Definitive Map and Statement need modification (e.g. the width of a right of way)

Investigations into a claimed route are concerned with whether or not public rights exist. Issues of nuisance and desirability are not relevant to an application for a DMMO.

Guidance and application forms

If you believe you have evidence to support an application for a DMMO (either based on historical evidence or use) please find below guidance notes along with the application form and associated documents to be submitted.


We currently have a large backlog of applications for DMMOs and are therefore unable to investigate applications as soon as they are received.

Due to the increasing backlog the council has introduced a DMMO prioritisation scheme whereby when an application is received it is scored against a set criteria and is ranked according to its priority.

Applications with particularly strong evidence (user/historical), community support, perceived benefits and routes which are subject to a planning application would receive a higher score and subsequent ranking. These applications would be dealt with sooner than applications which have less evidence presented and lower perceived benefits.

When submitting an application for a DMMO it is advisable to submit as much of the supporting evidence as possible at the application stage so that it can be scored as accurately as possible when it is initially ranked. However if new evidence is subsequently submitted we will consider the evidence and amend the applications ranking where applicable.

The guidance notes on the prioritisation scheme outlining the criteria used to score the applications can be viewed below:

DMMO register

Northamptonshire County Council are required to maintain a register of applications we receive for Definitive Map Modification Orders. The ranking of outstanding applications also appear on the register:

View the DMMO register

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