20 Million Steps (sample article)

29 July 2016

​Improving health and wellbeing across the county

The 20 Million Steps challenge was back again in 2016, smashing all participant numbers for the previous year and surpassing our new target of 40 million steps in one weekend!

20 million steps is part of our 2020 strategy which is a campaign to make Northamptonshire an active, well and happy county by 2020. 

Once again this year, we would like volunteers to help out as Event Makers in Libraries and in Country Parks across the county, to chat and encourage participants, collate steps achieved and just generally help with the event.

We are hoping to working in partnership with Withings, who develop smart products and apps that fit into any lifestyle. They help you to track what matters so that you can improve your everyday wellbeing and aim for better long term health.

Details of the campaign can be found at 2020 Northamptonshire 
Information about volunteering opportunities can be found by visiting Get Involved Northamptonshire

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