First for Wellbeing Launch 2016- what you need to know

09 August 2016

​First for Wellbeing became a Community Interest Company (CIC) last December and will officially be ‘open for business’ on Friday 1 April. We sat down with newly-appointed Interim Managing Director Janet Doran to find out more about the new company, and how Libraries will play a big part in its success.

Q: Why was First for Wellbeing set up?

A: First for Wellbeing was set up to offer an integrated, more streamlined health and wellbeing service for the residents of Northamptonshire. While our core focus is on preventing poor physical and mental health in the county, we want to support people to improve on all aspects of their wellbeing in order to live a healthier, happier, more well-balanced life.

Q: What services will be offered under First for Wellbeing?

A: Services range from weight and alcohol management, stop smoking programmes, financial management, employment and adult learning services and services to promote community inclusion. Some existing council services and facilities such as Libraries, Countryside Parks and Northamptonshire Sport will also be moving over to sit within the First for Wellbeing family.

Q: What role will libraries play?

A: Libraries already operate as invaluable community hubs across the county, and nothing about the general today-to-day operations will change, as they already deliver a considerable amount that keeps people well in the broadest sense. Some new services that people might see being delivered in their libraries could be a weight loss meeting, or a one to one appointment with a Wellbeing Advisors.
We want to explore what more libraries can do to impact on people’s wellbeing. First for Wellbeing offers a unique opportunity to further build on this great work, allowing our libraries to become the home of First for Wellbeing.

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