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06 June 2016

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This is a new newsletter for NGW Directorate and Service Team Leads, together with Change Ambassadors. This will be a key communication tool for those shortly moving into Angel, and William Knibb next year, and all other staff making the change to Next Generation Working. 

Key things for you to watch out for next month...

  • Attend the Angel Roadshows and watch their new video (Project Angel HQ - what will it be like to work there?), explaining what it will be like to work in the new building. There will also be some of the new furniture available for viewing.
  • Most teams have now completed the Team Charter. If you haven't quite finished it, then make sure you do before the end of June as this is the deadline for completing your Team Charter (for those moving into Angel).
  • The next NGW Readiness Checker which will be sent out to you soon.

6 Tips to help you lead the NGW changes in your team



Don't get left behind!

- Did you miss the recent NGW and Angel "Are you ready?" workshops? Not to worry, all the information and content can be accessed through the Informer.

- The NGW Readiness Development Toolkit has now launched; have you completed it with your Change Ambassador or manager? Follow the link above to assess your NGW progress and find out your priority next steps.

- Why not distribute the Bin it, Box it, Scan it campaign articles, as required, to your teams; please see below for the links:


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Star pictureStars of the Month

Nicky McLoughlin, HR Advisor and NGW Change Ambassador

Nicky was first to trial one of our new ways of communicating. She patiently survived our amateur filmmaking and directing, and helped us produce this short video on her accomplishments as a Change Ambassador.



Our Change Ambassadors - How are you all getting on?

Lady sitting at her desk on a computer

"Different ways of working always take a while to get used to, but we’ve found that by using NCC’s electronic systems, we have become more efficient, have an organised workplace and, of course, are more environmentally friendly!"

Helen Bullock, Business Support Manager 

 Lady sat on a chair with a laptop"My team have embraced remote working, and we are now in the process of creating a new team SharePoint site to use to our best advantage so that all documents are in one place"

 Deborah Wallis, Strategic Early Years Officer

Jack Gookey 2.PNG

"We are now at a stage where everybody has changed their ‘old Gen’ attitude and behaviour and have adopted the Next Generation Working values and principles"

 Jack Gookey, Learning Technologies Adviser



If you know of any examples of good practice, no matter how big or small, please send them to NGW@northamptonshire.gov.uk and they could feature in next month's "Stars of the Month" section.

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