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​Researching your family history?

There are some great resources online for researching your ancestors.  You may already have looked at and, for example.  However, here at Northamptonshire Archives, we have many more types of records and documents that can add to your knowledge about your forebears.

  • Directories and records from local businesses
  • Hospital, workhouse and asylum records
  • Military records, including World War One tribunals
  • Personal letters and accounts from a broad range of people and organisations
  • School records
  • Electoral rolls
  • Court records
  • Photographs
  • Wills from Northamptonshire people going back xxx years
  • Records from family estates including Althorp

Our records can reveal far more about your family history than you could find with just the standard web searches.  Fascinating details about how people lived their lives in the past come to life as you read letters, diaries and official documents – and you can’t beat holding the original document in your hand!

Traditional Victorian wedding, 1856


I am researching the history of my family in Northamptonshire and travelled up from Devon where I now live to spend two fascinating days pouring over old wills and other documents at the record office.  Taking advantage of the pre-order service meant I could see lots of documents in a short space of time, and the staff were really helpful in pointing me towards other sources.  The documents provided lots of useful information to fill gaps in my family story, but what made my visit really special was coming across a photograph of my great grandparents taken in the 1920s.  It was such a thrill to see them for the first time." 

Mrs RG
September 2016


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