Home safety

Home Fire Safety Checks     

We offer and prioritise home fire safety checks for people who are unable to help themselves or who need specialist advice. During these visits we can give tailor-made advice about the following:

  • Preventing common fires
  • What to do if a fire starts and the best escape plan
  • Smoke alarms and smoke alarm testing
  • In some circumstances we may be able to install a smoke detector for you.
Request a home fire safety check

People who do not have access to the internet can call 0300 1261000 (dial option 5) and someone from the Customer Contact Centre at Northamptonshire County Council  will complete the Home Fire Safety Check Referral form over the phone.

The number is charged at a local rate and inclusive mobile phone minutes can be used.

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Who will carry out your home fire safety check?

  • We will always inform you of who will be attending your home for a pre-booked appointment.
  • If you are approached as a result of 'direct engagement' in your area please be assured that all our staff will wear a valid service ID card.  These can be checked with the service by contacting us.
  • We are working in partnership with the British Red Cross, Royal British Legion Poppy Calls and Age UK.  They may contact you to carry out your home fire safety check on our behalf.

How safe is your home from fire?

A fire can start very easily and can spread with speed. We recommend that you follow the basic fire safety steps below:

  • Fit a smoke alarm on each floor of your home - it will give you an early warning of fire
  • Test it monthly - only a working smoke alarm can save your life
  • Make a fire escape plan - the whole family needs to know what to do if your smoke alarm goes off
  • Make a bedtime check - switch off electrical items and shut internal doors last thing at night
  • If you do have a fire, remember to get out, stay out and call 999 for the Fire Service - don't try to fight a fire yourself.

Advice for people who rent their homes

Private sector landlords are now required to:

  • Fit a smoke alarm on each storey of the property
  • Fit a carbon monoxide alarm in any room with a solid fuel appliance
  • Check that all alarms are working when a new tenancy starts and replace any that do not
  • Regular testing is the tenant’s responsibility
  • If landlords fail to comply, this could lead to a maximum fine of £5,000.

If you need further information and advice, please visit www.fireservice.co.uk/safety 

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